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Pedicure – GDI Unique Services

Paraffin pedicure

Our paraffin pedicure service is the perfect specialized treatment for those who suffer from dry feet or cracked soles.

Following the usual steps of a pedicure, but before painting the toe nails, a paraffin pedicure involves coating the feet in layers of warm paraffin wax, before wrapping the feet in towels for up to half an hour.

This is not only relaxing but offers intensive hydrating treat to the feet. For those with who experience chronically dry feet, a paraffin pedicure from Green Dew International Salon & Spa offers the best answer.

Spa pedicure

A spa pedicure offers a more intensive treatment of the feet than a normal pedicure. If you have time and want a thoroughly relaxing experience we strongly recommend you opt for the spa pedicure service which offers more stages than a regular pedicure.

Whether this involves longer soaking, more exfoliation or intensive moisturisation, the spa pedicure service at Green Dew International Salon & Spa will be fully personalized to suit the needs of your feet.

French pedicure

Achieve elegantly natural looking beautiful toenails with a classic French pedicure.

At Green Dew International Salon & Spa a beauty therapist will follow the usual steps of a pedicure; soaking, pumicing and massage, as well as treating the nail cuticles and reshaping. The difference in the French Pedicure is the polish – a natural peach colour and varnish is applied with the signature pure white line elegantly finishing off your toenails.

We offer a fully professional French pedicure service to the ladies of Thripunithura, Cochin and are sure you will walk away delighted with the result.